Outcast Theatre Collective is comprised of experienced theatre artists representing marginalized communities and we work to increase the diversity present within the Tampa-area, theatrical world... both on-stage and off. We facilitate the professional development of our thespian family by organizing various in-house opportunities and by incorporating the production of our very own shows, so these talents may be recognized and utilized more readily amongst our audiences and the existing theaters that surround us.

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of the Oppressed

In response to the COVID crisis, our Theatre of the Oppressed Ensemble has adapted the work of Brazilian theatrical innovator Augusto Boal for use over Zoom. Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is an interactive art form designed to help society rehearse for a reality free of oppressions. Based in exercises designed to liberate body and mind, TO allows us to explore the ways in which we are conditioned to accept less than we deserve. Our ensemble is currently accepting bookings for these unique experiences. Click here to learn more.

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Outcast Stories

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Outcast Theatre Collective will be offering a wide array of classes to support the community. From improv to Shakespearean, twerking to death drops, it is our mission to offer marginalized communities the outlet of acting.

Enhancing local theatrical diversity by facilitating the professional development of artists from marginalized communities. 


The Collective

The idea of our collective began two years ago while sitting backstage and performing for a company downtown: each of us was a local, working actor representing a particular marginalized community and we were brainstorming with one another about how we could get more work. Immediately after completing the run of the show, we began to put into place the ideas we spoke of.


We organized others like us in the field and focused on raising awareness and disseminating information regarding the local theatre scene, along with preparing one another for the audition situation so that a majority of us could get our foot in the door and successfully land shows. There was a real determination to show the surrounding theatre community that we existed and deserved the opportunity to work in their various houses. Our hope was they would realize not only could we diversify the actors they had telling their stories, but we could help them diversify the types of stories they could tell as well!


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