Play Synopsis


After LGBT activist David Okello flees his native Uganda when his life is threatened in the wake of a proposed anti-homosexuality bill, he takes shelter in Boston with Matthew Teitman, an LGBTQIA rights advocate with the ACLU. As Matthew helps David obtain political asylum, personal, political, and sexual tensions rise as two men with disparate cultural values and desires struggle — sometimes explosively — to find common ground.


Scheduling & Compensation

Performance Dates: July 22 – 25, Th – Sa. 8pm, Sun. 3pm

Tech/Dress: July 19 – 21, 6pm – 11pm

Rehearsals begin June 1. We are asking that all production personnel be voluntarily and fully vaccinated by June 1.

Compensation: $300 flat fee


Audition Format

In person, masked. Readings from the script with scene partners (these readings will not be cold, per se, rather you will be given time to work on the scenes). This will run more like a callback so plan to spend an hour or so with us.


To audition

email your headshot and resume to with “Dionysus” in the title. In return you will receive a copy of the script and additional details.


All genders and ethnicities encouraged to audition.


The role of David Okello is cast.


Available Roles:


Matthew Teitman – Jewish, late 30s, a classic introvert/extrovert: a man most comfortable in the realm of his head but in daily life a performer — flattering and impressing others with his wit and easy charm. He's an out gay activist who has moved out of an ACT UP mode into working for the ACLU.  An artist's soul, but it is buttoned up behind a need for control and respectability. When that soul slips out, it's glorious. He's well-intentioned but blind to his white American privilege. 


Naome Ssempa – Ugandan, mid 30s, has a serene, almost zen-like quality about her and a smile that can light up a room. She is serious and passionate but also has a playful wit and sense of fun. 



Ina Teitman – Matthew’s mother, Jewish, early 70s, a diminutive but powerful presence. She has seen a lot in her lifetime and it is all visibly etched in her worn, but expressive face. Her no nonsense manner, which can be occasionally abrasive, masks an enormous vulnerability.